Blackheath Goes Gospel

Come and join in our friendly gospel choir and perform at our Blackheath Goes Gospel concert in November.

No experience of singing in a choir is necessary. Attend the first session as a taster.

Choir Leader: Eleanor Wright

Piano: Abraham Hampton

For more information about joining our gospel choir, email Rose Ballantyne at [email protected].

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2018 Course/Session Dates

Blackheath Halls Orchestra | Opera Greats on the Road

Sundays 2.30-5.30pm -  22, 29 April | Blackheath Halls, 6 May | St. Margaret's Lee Primary School, 20 May | Deptford Green Secondary School

Sunday 10.30am - 5.30pm - 13 May | St. Margaret's Lee Primary School

Orchestra Performance

Sunday 20 May 6.30pm | Deptford Green Secondary School