2015: Hans Krasa's Brundibar

 Han Krása’s Brundibár

On Tuesday 31 March, Wednesday 1 April and Thursday 2 April 2015 we presented 4 performances of Brundibár in our fabulous Great Hall.

'These operas are so fabulous - the highlight of my daughter's year every time she's been involved. I cannot priase the team enough. Thank you.'

'It's a really unique opportunity for a boy of his age. Please, please, please do another one next year!!!'

'The performances were excellent, committed, well performed and inspirational.'

'Thank you once again. What a wonderful thing you have enabled.'

Here are some photos of the production

The Sparrows resized

The Sparrows

Brindibar Ice Cream seller

The Icecream Seller

Brundibar - Laughing at Brundibar resized

Laughing at Brundibar

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