Great Hall
Took place on Sat 28 Oct 2023, 8.00pm


AKA Trio

£21 | £19 conc
Great Hall
Took place on Sat 28 Oct 2023, 8.00pm

Three musicians who were meant and destined to play together.


AKA Trio is the result of 12 years of friendship between three world-renowned virtuosos. They are Italian guitarist, Antonio Forcione; Senegalese kora player; Seckou Keita; and Brazilian percussionist, Adriano Adewale.

Together they create intense, spiritual and resolutely acoustic music that transcends musical styles and genres. On stage they will showcase highlights from their album Joy, where “free-flowing songs and instrumentals dazzle with a rich musical, almost monastic, minimalism where less actually does mean more.” Morning Star

With each performance, AKA Trio takes us on a fabulous journey through Africa, Europe and South America with awe-inspiring, joyful, uplifting and life-affirming performances as well as incredible moments of improvisation.

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