Blackheath Halls is very much at the heart of the local community and central to our work is the belief that having access to the arts has a profound effect on the lives of everyone.

By leaving a legacy gift to Blackheath Halls you are ensuring that the vibrant and creative venue, that you know and love, continues to entertain and nurture our community for generations to come.

Your legacy could go towards:

community engagement

artistic programme

building restoration

Your gift could also be unrestricted which allows us to respond flexibly and to allocate funds where they are needed most at the time they are received.

Having lived in Blackheath for most of our lives and enjoyed so many of the wonderful opportunities the Halls offers, it's a good feeling to give something back. We hope that through our gift others will continue to experience the same joy the Halls has given us for years to come.

Mr and Mrs C - Blackheath Halls Suppporters

Blackheath Halls can accept legacies and bequests of any of the following types:

  • Specific – A specific bequest is the gift of something valuable like a property, a piece of jewellery, a valuable instrument or stocks and shares.
  • Pecuniary – A pecuniary legacy is the gift of a specific sum of money. You may want to request that it be linked to inflation in order for it to retain its value over the years.
  • Reversionary – A reversionary legacy is one which supports your loved one/s first before benefiting Blackheath Halls. When the original beneficiary dies, the gift in your will reverts to Blackheath Halls.
  • Residuary – A residuary legacy is the value remaining once all specific gifts, debts, fees, funeral expenses and other charges have been met. You can leave the whole or part of the residue to our charity. The value of a residuary legacy is not affected by inflation

Alternatively, if you have already made a will, or have updated it recently, you can add a legacy or request by drafting a codicil.

There many types of legacy so we would always suggest seeking professional legal advice when drafting or updating your will.

Legacy Supporters

Thank you to those who remembered Blackheath Halls with a gift in their will

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