St Michael & All Angels Church, London, SE3 9JL
Took place on Wed 8 Nov 2023, 7.00pm


Ensemble Pampinea

£20 | £12 under 21s/full time students
St Michael & All Angels Church, London, SE3 9JL
Took place on Wed 8 Nov 2023, 7.00pm

We are delighted to welcome back the winners of the last year’s LIFEM Young Ensemble Competition, Ensemble Pampinea. With the programme entitled ‘Fortuna, will you spare us?’, the ensemble presents the repertoire of Ars Nova and Ars Subtilior in a charming interaction with the audience, who decide the fates of the concert.

Fiona Kizzie Leeorganetto, medieval recorder, pipe and tabor, double recorder
Maruša Brezavščekmedieval recorder
Vojtěch Jaklmedieval fiddle

Fortuna, will you spare us?
In the face of Fortuna, anything is possible. Also, everything can be impossible, as Fortuna desires. Our dear audience, you will play Fortuna’s role in this concert, and decide our fate for us: alas, the die is in your hands!

Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377) De fortune me doy pleindre

Hope and Uncertainty
Guillaume de Machaut Esperance qui m’asseure
Guillaume de Machaut Quant je suis mis
Matheus de Perusio (fl. 1400-1416) A qui fortune
Guillaume de Machaut Tres douce dame
Anonymous [I-Tn MS J.II.9 (Cypriot-French), f. 107] Puisque amé sui doulcement

Happiness and Sweetness
Anonymous [Chantilly Codex, f. 14] Tres douce, playsant figure
Guillaume de Machaut Double hoquet
Anonymous, F-Pn 568, ff. 18v-19 Dame playsant
Anonymous, I-FZc 117, f. 43 Jour a jour la vie
Guillaume de Machaut Douce dame jolie
Anonymous [F-Pnm Français 844; Chansonnier du Roi] La seconde estampie royal

Pain and Despair 
Guillaume de Machaut Biaute qui toutes autres père
Guillaume de Machaut Ay mi! dame de valour
Anonymous [Chantilly Codex, f. 29v] Ha, Fortune
Johannes Ciconia (b. ca 1370; †1412) Merce o morte
Guillaume de Machaut Je vivroie liement

Guillaume de Machaut Ma fin est mon commencement

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