Great Hall
Took place on Sat 8 Jul, 7.30pm

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Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

Great Hall
Took place on Sat 8 Jul, 7.30pm

An Opera by Libby Larsen

Director John Ramster
Conductor Jonathan Tilbrook
Designer Louis Carver
Lighting Designer Anthony Arblaster

Intellectual ambition, technological arrogance and the deep human need for companionship combine in this opera adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.

Young medical student Victor Frankenstein ignores the warnings of his friends and family and uses electricity, alchemy and medical knowledge to create a new life which he immediately repels as a monstrous, evil creation. However, his creation learns the capacity to feel and love and returns for a final reckoning with devastating consequences.

Full Larsen Cast (Fri 7 Jul & Sat 8 Jul 7.30pm)

Victor Frankenstein (tenor)
Simon Ashmead
Elizabeth (lyric soprano)
Lizzie Nicholson
Captain Robert Walton (baritone)
Luke Stanley
Ship Victor (tenor)
Cameron Gergett
Justine (mezzo-soprano)
Eve Rhodes
Henry Clerval (baritone)
Ronnie Law
The Monster (acting role)
Lakeford Hackney
William (soprano)
Phoebe Higham


Alexa Hayes
Ana Sofia Nunes
Anna Gerrard
Elizabeth Hawes
Eve Chandler
Eva Hutchins
Robyn Jones
Tilly Dawes
Zara Donaldson


Full Cast List here

Age recommendation: 15+ (contains scenes of a violent nature)