Took place on Mon 10 Oct - Mon 21 Nov 2022

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Music Appreciation with Matthew Taylor

Took place on Mon 10 Oct - Mon 21 Nov 2022

The 20th Century Renaissance in British Music

Lecture 4 | Britten : Opera June 45: Peter Grimes *

Mon 10 Oct 10am | The Hearn Recital Room

Come and listen to Matthew Taylor’s lectures on a varied group of 20th Century British Renaissance composers built around the apex of the 1951 Festival of Britain, also taking in later composer such as David Matthews and Matthew Taylor himself.

The 20th Century Renaissance started after WWI (Walton, Bliss, Lambert) and continued through and after WWII (Britten and Tippet) with Vaughan Williams bestriding them both.

New voices were heard (Alwyn Rubbra and Arnold) that put paid to ‘Das Land Ohne Musik’. They were the new talent, many of whom were consigned to the Black Book.

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More information available online at Blackheath Music Appreciation Group

*The first 3 lectures in this series will be held at Charlton House, SE7 8RE