The Hearn Recital Room
Took place on Mon 5 Feb 10am

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Music Appreciation with Matthew Taylor | The Legacy of Diaghilev

£120 course fee | £15 per lecture
The Hearn Recital Room
Took place on Mon 5 Feb 10am

Sergei Diaghilev brought the Ballets Russes to Paris in 1909 introducing Igor Stravinsky as their leading composer and producing ballets from the leading composers of the day.

During this nine lectures series, Matthew will be selecting various works to highlight and excite from amongst others; Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Debussy, Ravel, Dukas, Satie, Schmidt, Respighi, da Falla, Milhaud, Poulenc and Constant Lambert.

Course dates:
Mondays from 10am-12pm
Feb 5 Prokofiev, 19 (at Charlton House) Elgar, 26 Well behaved Stravinsky (Neo-Classicism)
Mar 4 Satie Parade; Florent Schmitt Salome, 11 da Falla, Dukas, Rossini/Respighi, 18 (at Charlton House) Elgar, 25 Milhaud, Constant Lambert, Poulenc

Full course fee: £120
Individual lectures: £15 or try a taste for free
Students half price

For further details contact Lionel Lewis on 020 8297 1075 or email [email protected]